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On this page you will find the most popular international balloon brands …. and of course you can also order them. You can visit us on Facebook and post photos of yourself, with your favorite balloons if you like. Or follow us on Instagram, where we always publish interesting news and special discount campaigns. Whatever you want, we support you in making your home a looner zone!


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CORONA information

 We are regularly in close contact with the manufacturers whose balloons we offer here. While the availability at Cattex is still quite good, the problem with manufacturers from the USA (Tuftex and Qualatex) or from Mexico (Globos Payaso – Unique Balloons) is much more difficult. The situation is justified by all manufacturers with a combination of scarce raw materials, a lack of workers, reduced income in recent months and the resulting limited production capacities.

In addition, we are currently observing an explosive increase in delivery and transport costs on the world market, partly due to a severe shortage of containers, which will of course also be reflected in our purchasing conditions at some point.

The current situation and the short-term trend do not suggest anything good: Manufacturers only produce those balloons with which the most gross profit can be generated, i.e. those sizes, shapes and colors that are bought by all end customers the most. Even if none of us like to hear or accept this: we, the Looner community, are unfortunately only a tiny proportion of the absolute end customers of balloon manufacturers and are therefore not among the key opinion leaders when it comes to product ranges.

For months we have not been able to be supplied with all the products that we still had regularly, in large quantities, in our web shop at the end of 2019. In addition, our purchase prices are constantly increasing due to additional costs incurred by the manufacturer and increased delivery costs. All in all, these are unfortunately not nice prospects.

We hope that the situation will ease after the Corona Pandemic is over. However, it cannot be assumed that product prices and delivery costs will suddenly be reduced from one day to the next. It is more likely that they will settle at levels higher than in the past and product ranges will be rebuilt very slowly, if at all fully.

Personally, we are very open to including loons in our range that we have not previously focused on. We are happy to take your requests at any time. However, product range extensions are currently very dependent on the manufacturer’s availability. We very much hope for your understanding in this regard.


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