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Design competition 2021

Do you want to create the next design for a new balloon?

We are now starting our design competition for 2021 and everyone can take part!

How can you take part?
Very easily:
Send us an email with your draft of a printable template

It is very important that the design is built up so that a single color print works. This means that a nice, multicolored design, in which different objects are superimposed, looks great in the representation, but will only be visible as a fat lump of color, without any contours, when it is later printed on a balloon and you will unfortunately even be cannot see anything of the original design. Unfortunately, we have to exclude such designs from the competition.

Please write us in your e-mail which color should be used for printing. Perhaps you also have a suggestion as to which color the balloons should / may be, to which your design and the printing color for your design match or which balloon color should be excluded.

The absolute prerequisite for submitting a print template is that you own the rights to it and that you assign them to us in the further course of the process. This is the only way we can later sell balloons with your design in our webshop, legally correct.

(Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm | Resolution: 400px | Monochrome printing, printing color: HKS | file format: EPS, but PNG is also ok!)

What can you win?
We will print the winner’s design on 14 ” Belbal balloons (B120) and include them in our range. The winner will receive 1,000 pieces of the balloons with their design as a gift.

How does the competition work?
Any drafts that meet our requirements will be collected by September 15th and then published here. From September 15th every visitor to the can make their choice and vote which design should win by September 30th. The design with the most votes wins.

Any questions?
Then ask us! Or send us your design directly to:

We wish you success!

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